Brian Heys

Brian is from the little village of Uppermill, Saddleworth, which is in the hills about fifteen miles from Manchester, England. He was a solicitor (a very nice and down-to-earth one) for more than twenty years until he recently decided to give it all up in favour of a new adventure running the lodges. Although he has all sorts of helpful experience in compliance and regulation, client management, accounts management and communication, it’s really the hands-on part of running the lodges and the possibility of meeting new people that he enjoys the most.


He already knows quite a lot about holiday lettings, as he’s owned a three-bedroom property in Spain for more than a decade. He kept that house primarily as a holiday home for himself and his family, but he also let it out successfully during peak summer seasons.

He speaks some Spanish as a result of his travels and interest in Spain, so if you do too, feel free to test his skills!

Brian lived most recently in Chester, England, where he spent his free time with his Dad completely refurbishing the lovely 1930s semi he lived in.

When he’s not working at the lodges, Brian will be slipping away to walk the nearby Munros. He’s an avid outdoorsman with a good bit of mountain experience and a passion for cycling. He’s spent a lot of time travelling around the Highlands and other UK mountain ranges, especially in North Wales, in pursuit of nature and the good life, and he puts these skills to use for guests at Great Glen Lodges—just to ask for any advice on walking and cycling routes.

Will Schroeder

Will is from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and his family all come from the southern states, including Mississippi and Louisiana, so he was raised with that gracious and classic southern hospitality the region is famous for. He was an academic for fifteen years and was a lecturer in Chinese Studies for seven.


That might sound like an odd bio, but what it comes down to is that Will loves to meet people and share stories and new experiences—not to worry, he’s easier to talk to than the nutty professor you might imagine. And he’s a bit more handy than you’d expect, having seen through the refurbishment of an old mill property in Manchester and lived in it for several years.

Academia was a wonderful industry for him, because it let him travel the world, think creatively and, most importantly, teach the next generation. That experience means that Will is no stranger to new cultures, locales and people, and he loves languages.

He lived for years in China and spent a lot of time travelling around Europe and the Americas, learning to speak and read Mandarin Chinese, German, and a bit of French and Spanish. He’s delighted to have a chat with you wherever you come from.

But he’s always loved the outdoors and the peace and quiet of the mountains, so the Highlands seem a perfect place to end up. Perhaps this was all fated, as his spirited great grandmother Jessie-Mae was of Scottish descent—she was a Gillespie whose family had migrated to America in the 19th century. In a way, he’s come back home.